Individual & Collective Sponsorships 

For the Rural and Semi-urban children

           As of Today, UNICEF estimates that India has the highest number of child labourers in the world, a total of 12 million, with many of this 12 million still living under the international poverty line.  Though several factors continually contribute to this staggering number, the overall leading cause is a lack of educational opportunities provided for children. 

          Deshna Foundation is aware that many children are forced to drop out of school. The Reasons are diverse, some are compelled to  take care of younger siblings, others to take up menial work for meagre salaries or to beg to support their families, or simply because their unstable home lives are not conducive to the institutionalized system of education. Children who do attend school are often left alone in the afternoons after school while their parents are still out working. With no supervision and without proper homes, these children are left at a high risk of physical and sexual abuse and can often descend into antisocial behaviour. These children are stigmatized by the local community, which treats them without care or respect.

            At Deshna Foundation we believe that there is no better way to pull a child out of a life of poverty than through education. As such we endeavor to enrich children’s lives through education.

            We address the critical educational needs of socio-economically disadvantaged children and communities in urban Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and its surrounding villages.

            Deshna’s one of the important mission is to provide protection and assistance to vulnerable children of Pondicherry. We provide access to education, recreational activities and emotional support.

           Through Sponsor programs, Deshna Foundation a seeks to connect individual donors with children needing support to return to their education and communities with specific development needs.

There are two levels of sponsorship: support of individual children, and support of communities and/or select groups of children.

Individual Sponsorship Program

           The Individual Sponsorship Program,  is one of Deshna Foundation’s first programs. It is the central method that Deshna uses to connect individual children with sources of funding for their education. The organization receives requests for educational support from the families in Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu and also identifies children who should be at school through its outreach activities. Then the organisation determines children who need the support the most according to a set of criteria and matches them with sponsors who provide material resources that are necessary for children to complete their education.
           Most of the identified children are typically come from communities with very low socio-economic status and families with poor living conditions, struggling to meet their basic daily needs. The social workers undertake complete evaluations of each case, making visits to family homes to ascertain the nature and extent of the difficulties involved, and to motivate both parents/caregivers and children to do what it takes to resume formal education in such a way as to ensure their chances of success.
On being sponsored, As with individually sponsored children will receive

  1. Yearly tuition.
  2. School Supplies: textbooks, notebooks, pencils, school uniform yearly, school bag, geometry sets, and other supplies as mandated.
  3. Optional English Course;
  4. Optional Evening Classes;
           Each sponsor becomes a Child’s Mentor too, and the social workers then ensure the children  and the sponsors are connected to each other by writing letters, the communication with the Sponsors will be  at specified, regular intervals.

         Individual sponsorship requires a commitment of INR 1000 per month, i.e.INR 12000 per year, for a minimum of one year. Ideally, Deshna Foundation hopes this commitment will continue until the child is able to complete his/her education. Based on this contribution, we have set a ceiling amount of Rs.9000 to support each child to maintain equal treatment across all its beneficiaries.

Collective Sponsorship

         The collective sponsorship model pool-funding from multiple donors in order to sponsor the educations of groups of children. Deshna Foundation identifies communities or villages where a majority of the children are not at school and families need the organization’s support to educate their children. Children in these villages receive benefits similar to the benefits that individually sponsored children receive – school fees, school supplies, one meal a day, medical attention, etc.
          Donors may give according to their means and Deshna Foundation uses the funds to reach out to as many children as possible. All children in the villages are eligible to receive collective sponsor benefits.

           Funds collected towards collective sponsorship are also used to assist “Social Special cases”. Children who have experienced an emergency or sudden alteration of their familial circumstances, such as the death or abandonment of parents, lack of physical security, a fire accident in which family members are hurt or the home is destroyed, or other exigent circumstances. In such instances, Deshna Foundation investigates the case, prioritizes the child’s needs and works out a plan of rehabilitation according to capacity.