About 68% rural women cannot afford sanitary napkins available in the market, according to a survey. According to gynaecologists, use of alternative sanitary care measures such as unsterilized cloths, sand and ash make women susceptible to infections and diseases.The study found that awareness on basic health and feminine hygiene is very low, with 75% rural women lacking adequate knowledge on menstrual hygiene and care. On the issue of affordability of quality sanitary care, the survey found that 81%rural women use unsterilized cloths since they are cheaper and 68% said they cannot afford to buy sanitary napkins. Adolescent girls in rural India are unable to attend up to 50 days of schooling in a year due to inadequate menstrual care, the report said. The nation-wide survey was conducted recently on a sample size of 1,033 rural women and 151 gynaecologists.97% gynaecologists surveyed believe that sanitary napkins can act as a preventive measure against reproductive tract infection, while 64% noted that it can act as a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Poor financial condition does not allow majority of the women and girls to buy quality sanitary napkins, the survey said, adding of cloth users, 45% reuse cloth and 70% dry them in shade, increasing chances of infections. Research shows Reproductive Tract Infection was 70% more common among those with unhygienic sanitary practices. The survey said among the adolescent rural girls, 23% (aged 12-18 years) discontinue studies due to inadequate sanitary facilities in schools.  

The Program  

    “She For Herinitiative  out of Deshna’s blossoms, formulated to address the health and hygienic needs of Young adolescent girls. This program is well received by the schools since its approaches and methodologies are innovative.  


  • To promote Health and Hygiene for Young girls by providing right information about menstrual management and Healthy Lifestyles.  
  • To provide sanitary napkins free of cost for 3 months.  
  • To make sanitary pads affordable and accessible for all young adolescent girls  
  • To promote women Entrepreneurship and also to provide employment opportunities for Self Help Group women in the production of sanitary pads.  

Workshop on “Menstrual management and Healthy lifestyles” for Young girls  
This program aims at a cluster based integrative approach, the schools in which workshop is being conducted .Through this program we are aiming at empowering one 1000 rural adolescent girls as change makers who will not only keep themselves healthy and hygienic but also make others aware of the importance of menstrual management and leading Healthy Lifestyle.  


  • To provide young girls with information about menstruation and menstrual hygiene 
  • To enhance their life skills in making informed decisions related to career and life.  
  • To educate young girls on healthy balanced diet and problem related to malnutrition 
  • To make adolescent girls understand the importance of physical and mental well-being as well as the techniques of self-defense.  
She For Her Program will empower the young girls and act as an agent of change by:
  • Educating them on proper hygienic practices 
  • Enabling their skills in handling situations and emotions assertively.
  • And to enact those skills on protecting themselves as well as educating others.  
  • Peer education
  • Practical application- leading to action (Creative comics)  
  • Addressing individuals concerns  
  • Interactive and interesting methodology
  • Self-evaluation questionnaire
  • Continual Guidance and Support  
  • Participants will get clarity on healthy lifestyle and hygienic practices. 
  • Participants would have acquired knowledge and skills on preventing them from physiological and psychosocial problems. 
  • Participants will seek for right information, required medical advices, and can handle situation assertively 

In a pilot way We launched this Project at various Government schools in Rural Pondicherry & adjoining regions of Tamil Nadu near Pondicherry
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