Who are we?

Deshna foundation is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organisation structured by the like-minded Professionals in July 2013.  We work for several institutions and organisations of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu that operates for the welfare of the children, youths and their communities. 


  •  To promote, protect, improve and safeguard the quality and the standard of human life.
  • To educate and create awareness on environmental issues such as water, air, noise, waste pollution, energy and its conservation, waste land management and human waste management.
  • To develop leadership qualities among children, women and youth.

What we do? 

            1. Conducting workshops for the marginalised communities 

             2. Skill development trainings

             3. Awareness programs

             4. Monthly events

             5. Career guidance program

             6. Sponsorships

             7. Competitive exam trainings

Our Projects

             1. IT Siksha

             2. Mission Bodhi

             3. Earth Matters

             4. Individual & Collective Sponsorship

Structure and Commitments

Deshna Foundation is comprised of 3-Governing Board Members, a team of about 40 volunteers.

Accountability and Transparency

Deshna Foundation strives towards the complete transparency and accountability to its donors and sponsors. The organization maintains meticulous records and takes multiple steps to ensure that the funds collected are used as efficiently as possible, to the direct benefit of children, youth and the other individuals in need. Administrative costs are kept to a bare minimum.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Deshna Foundation partners and collaborates with other local, national, and international 
organizations, Industries, corporates, to raise funds, identify sponsors for children, and to develop and/or implement its social programs. 

1. Baby Sarahs Home

2. Udhavi Karangal

3. Government Middle School, Thirubhuvanai, 

4. Accept Foundation

5. Gratias

6. Cognizant-Capital one Outreach Team

7. Ellora Fine Arts Academy