Earth Matters

         Although trees are being a critical resource for people’s livelihoods, environmental conservation and national economic development, but the trees have significantly diminished in recent years due to an increase in the number of people depending on them for survival as well as a lack of alternatives.

          Earth Matters aims to create awareness and to address the issues of the tree loss and related environmental degradation in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu through tree plantation and by establishing community and kitchen gardening activities in schools, colleges and communities.

          We vision towards to contribute to a lasting high quality of life for the local community.The children and the youth will be safeguarding in long-term of environmental sustainability by growing fruits (including fruit and multi-purpose trees) and promoting it to the other communities. Its mission is: “planting fruit trees for healthier populations and better environment”. This will be achieved through fostering increased fruit and vegetable growing (including fruit tree and other Multi purpose tree plantations) production for enhanced food self-sufficiency and enhancing the ability to conserve and protect the environment.

Our Mission is : “planting trees for healthier populations and the better environment”.

         A full-fledged participation plan to engage all stakeholders in a dialogue and provide them with a platform for interaction, planning, and decision-making in view of a tree resources  in the project area will be carried out through Deshna Foundation and identification of beneficiaries( schools, colleges, religious and public places).

          The school children will be actively involved in the implementation of project, including the local representatives as well as through the local beneficiaries including females, the project takes into account the gender considerations. The project is expected to boost fresh air, food, and nutrition requirements of women and their households as well as environmental protection and conservation.