Flood relief by Team Deshna

#chennai_flood  #chennai_micro  #TN_flood  #rain_relief 
Popular hashtags used in the social media during the recent flood which hit northern Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

       Worst hit rains of the century..... Chennai, kancheepuram, Cuddalore , Pondicherry regions faced heavy rainfall and flooding. Many for the first time saw such heavy rains in their lifetime. Government single handedly couldn't handle the emergency situation. The police, the military and many volunteers from various places  joined hands, rescued peoples to safer places, providing food and shelter. Rains have taught us there is much superior power than money , the nature. Not just Deshna Foundation joined the rain relief teams, there were inumerous souls who came into action for the rescue and rain relief.  A big Salute to those Unsung Heroes!!  

     We at Deshna Foundation started our Rain relief activity with the funds from Friends and their family. Started small but we ended up benefiting 3800 families at least through our rain relief kits in Cuddalore and Pondicherry Region. Team Deshna would like to thank the donors and the volunteers who helped us in the cause.  Our rain relief kit consist of the following material Rice,Sugar,Atta,Bathing soap, Detergent soap, Masala packets,Candle,Matchbox, Aquasafe water purifying sachets, Biscuit, Towel. 

Some of the images during the rain relief activity by Team Deshna

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